Energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies are essential in the current situation of environmental emergency. Its required to establish a new global energy pattern extensively to promote the use of clean energy.

Renewable energies restore ecosystem balance and enable the development of disadvantaged areas. Its use combines the three pillars on which sustainable development is based: society, economy and environment.

The commitment involves most of the countries through agreements that emerged from the Earth Summits is to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

A purifying air tower 100 meters high is built in China
Europe announces the goal of reaching 27% renewable in 2030
Chernobyl is being transformed into a large complex of solar energy production
Bio-cement bricks created in the building site with the help of microorganisms without cooking
Nazca platform brings together the commitments to action to address climate change
In Argentina developed a material that optimizes solar energy

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