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The interaction between humans and their habitat, like any living being, generates changes. Their actions, unlike other species, are able to affect the global balance.

Since the Industrial Revolution there were great migrations from the countryside to the cities. The process was causing permanent increase in urban areas and the consequent need to satisfy their needs.

This generated excessive consumption of energy resources and environmental changes causing considerable pollution levels that threaten the environmental balance, especially since the second half of the twentieth century.

The current model of population distribution and use of polluter energy further aggravate the situation. The awareness of the environmental emergency is an urgent need.


Boston bans plastic bags to reduce pollution
In an Argentine city each neighbor will plant a tree in front of his house
An ecological city is built in China for 350,000 inhabitants
The largest apartment complex in Manhattan develops a self-consumption energy project
Madrid develops a paving with eco-efficient asphalt project
In Paris, a 54-meter high building will be built that will house 2,000 plants, trees and bushes