"The architect of the future will be based on imitation of nature, because it is the most rational, durable and economical of all methods"

A. Gaudí

The Antonio Gaudí Foundation has as its principal aim to promote the knowledge of Antonio Gaudí's thinking and works as one of the precursors of sustainable architecture.
Following the achievement of these goals, encourages the research, diffusion and discussion on sustainable architecture and urbanism matters following the balance between the human’s intervention and the environment,through the rational use of techniques and materials, the responsible planning and reduced consumption of non-renewable energy. Thus the emission of gaseous pollutants will be reduced to help improve habitat quality
In the Finca Güell, former site of the Gaudí Chair Bibiana Sciortino Cuello-Berton, Dr. Arch., Mario Andruet, Arch. and Dr. Joan Bassegoda Nonell, Holder of the Chair
The intensive task of research and diffusion of Gaudí's work made by the founders in the Gaudí Chair at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, in the building of the Finca Güell, is followed in the Foundation incorporating, deepening and updating concepts of sustainability present in his ideology and its architectural and urban work, based on the inspiration and respect for nature.
The Antonio Gaudí Foundation was founded in December 2nd 2004, and is registered at the Foundations Register of the Ministry of Culture under number 632. Its activities are of general interest and are regulated by Law 49/2002.


President: Mario Alejandro Andruet, Arch.

General Director: Bibiana Sciortino Cuello-Bertón, Ph.D. Arch.

Directorate of Institutional Relations: Silvina Sciortino Cuello, Attorney

Documentation Directorate: Edith Bertón Carranza, Arch.

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